Tunable Filters

Netcom has developed a line of cost effective tunable filters for software defined radios (“SDR”) and co-site mitigation applications. These products have been designed and manufactured for multi-national corporations throughout the world. Please refer to the tunable filters table for examples of current products or contact us for more information relating to both standard and custom configurations.

LC Filters

Netcom designs and manufactures bandpass, lowpass, highpass, notch & diplexer LC filters for radio frequencies from audio to 3 GHz and microwave frequencies up to 18 GHz. Special characteristics such as inter-modulation distortion phase & amplitude match, linear phase, pulse ringing and power dissipation are included within designs as part of the manufacturing process. Lumped element tunable filters are defined above.

RF Amplifiers

Netcom’s team has amplifier experience with frequencies of up to 3 GHz in high power applications and up to 10 GHz in low power applications. Existing programs have a power of up to 200W and include several ancillary functions in a variety of packaging requirements. Netcom also has experience with high power medical devices including 20 kW transmit / receive switch, body hybrids.

Other RF Components

Netcom’s RF components consist of unique designs for custom applications. Products include quality components that are reliable solutions for military and commercial applications. In addition to our extensive list of legacy products, Netcom is continually designing new custom solutions for custom applications. Components include filter banks, low noise amplifiers, IF strips, mixers, combiners, and other technologies at the component level.

Integrated Assemblies

Netcom has extensive experience in designing RF and microwave systems for specific military, aerospace, and medical diagnostic applications. Our multi-disciplined product development team works concurrently with the customer’s engineering team, to segregate the RF and microwave needs of the program. Subsequently Netcom develops a turnkey assembly for easy integration into the customer’s assembly line. Complex manufacturing, testing and tuning are part of the engineering services provided by Netcom engineers. Our team has developed products ranging from board level RF modules to complete transceiver units. Netcom’s experience includes co-site-filtering systems for military radios, spike noise filtering on MRI systems, high power T/R switches for MRI systems, and a complete line of RF transceiver assemblies for wireless communications, military and medical applications.

Netcom’s experience in the design of RF and microwave products has evolved through the decades such that Netcom has experience in the manufacture of several products not defined above. Netcom continues to manufacture legacy products involving crystal filters and oscillators although the company’s focus has become more directed in recent years. Although Netcom does not focus upon the development of new crystal filters or oscillators, if you have a question or need involving past Netcom products, feel free to contact the Netcom team to explore upgrades or replacement products.